The Youth Choir holds annual auditions for potential choristers, as well as for current choristers, thereby ensuring the highest standard possible. 

Auditions for 2024 are now closed

In a post-COVID world, we have found that a virtual audition is more than sufficient and, henceforth, all auditions will happen via WhatsApp video submission. See the VIDEO GUIDELINES in order to be successful with your application.

Important Information

It is important to take note of the following before deciding to audition for the KZNYC:
  • Rehearsals take place every Friday evening from 18h00 – 21h00 at Redham College, Umhlanga, Durban
  • You will be required to attend at least one camp during the 2022 choir year: more information will follow shortly
  • Fees: Annual fee of R3600 for all choristers and R400 once off affiliation fee is payable for new members.
  • You will be required to buy a formal, ethnic and informal uniform
  • If your audition is successful and you become a member of the Provincial choir of KZN, you have a commitment to attend rehearsals and all performances as you will be representing your province and your country.
  • You will be required to spend time at home preparing (learning and memorizing) your music.

Audition Requirements

To audition for the KZN Youth Choir, the following process must be followed:

  • Access the on-line application form
  • Pay a R100 Application fee (EFT or Zapper) and upload the Proof of Payment
  • Complete and submit the form.
  • Start preparing your audition videos (see the AUDITION GUIDELINES alongside)
  • Once we have received your application, we will send you a unique number to use when you send through your auditions videos.
  • Our Artistic Director, Mr Krüger, will make a decision regarding your audition and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

Existing choir members do not need to re-audition, but might be required to undergo a voice test to determine the correct voice group.

Audition Guidelines

Please submit 5 Whatsapp video recordings:
1. A scale in your lowest register.
2. A scale in your middle register.
3. A scale in your highest register.

All three scales must be sung on an “aah” vowel, ascending and descending.
And NO accompaniment.

4. Silent Night: lowest possible register.
5. Silent Night: highest possible register.
Silent Night: sing the song a cappella / with no accompaniment.
Do not sing the lyrics. Sing everything on an “aah” vowel.
If you audition for Soprano or Tenor, you need to be brave and illustrate your highest possible range.


  • Be free and expressive. Perform with a smiling face!
  • Remember that there might be lots of auditions – make some effort with your videos. You want to stand out.
  • Your ultimate aim should be to illustrate pitch control. Sing with good projection, and confidence.

Upload your videos to: +27 83 629 9562 once you have received your unique number. We will use this number to link your application form with your videos.

Prepare for your audition!

Prepare your audition based on our guidelines.

Scales in your lowest, mid and highest register sung on an “aah” vowel, ascending and descending. no accompaniment.

Silent Night, sung a capella on an “aah” vowel with no accompaniment.


Stand out, be expressive and have fun!

Book your audition

Complete the online audition form
Confirmation of receipt will be sent as well as information on video audition requirements